Want to take your dog from reactive to relaxed on walks?

Does your dog bark and lunge at the end of the leash? Are you tired of getting judgemental looks on the street?

Let me help you get your dog from barking and lunging to calm and collected.

Cranky Canine™ is a tried and true program (Est. 2011) that targets leash-reactivity in dogs. We use science-based methods and humane techniques to get results.

Our program is getting a face-lift so get on the waitlist!

    Do you dread walks with your dog?

    Is your dog barking, lunging, and snarking at dogs or people when you're out for walks?

    Leash-reactivity is embarrassing, frustrating, and oftentimes even dangerous. You've tried corrections, training a "heel", various collars and tools, treats, and training programs that focus on "obedience".

    So far, nothing has worked to change your dog's emotional outbursts. Am I right?

    You're mentally and emotionally exhausted thanks to conflicting advice from well-intentioned strangers, family, friends, social media groups, the internet, and even professionals. How do you know what's right and what's wrong?

      What our graduates have to say: 

      Amy & "Laguna"

      "I have been working with Caryn and The Centre for Canine Education for almost a year now and she has changed mine and my pup's life! I adopted my pup a year ago and had never had a dog before.

      I had used 3-4 trainers before finding Caryn as I was not getting the results I was looking for. Since working with Caryn, I have a dog that will now walk with a loose leash, can comfortably pass pedestrians on the sidewalk as well as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and more!

      I 100% recommend TCCE for training methods based that are based on education and what is best for your dog, physically, mentally, and emotionally."

      Chelsea & "Harlow"

      "We have been working with Caryn at TCCE for a year from when we first brought Harlow, our 2-month-old puppy home to now, when he is a full-fledged adolescent! We've done everything from the basic puppy program to her webinars to now we are doing the Cranky Canine program, as we work on Harlow's leash reactivity.

      I cannot say enough good things about Caryn and her team. She is honest, super smart, funny, and compassionate. She gives us the confidence we need as first-time dog owners to navigate the ups and downs of having a dog.

      I would highly recommend Caryn and her team for anyone looking for some training guidance. We 💜  Caryn and The Centre for Canine Education!"

      Shama & "Sienna"

      "The Cranky Canine Program was an absolute necessity for me and my cranky adopted dog, Sienna.

      The most important things the course did for us were that it helped me build my bond with my dog, it taught me how better read her body language, and assured me that I wasn't alone and that there was a community of people and a catalogue of valuable resources that I could continue to refer to in our ongoing learning.

      Mostly I'm just happy to know that she is clearly a happier pup than the stressed out girl that arrived at my home in Aug 2020. I would wholeheartedly recommend TCCE to all dog owners."

      You're in the right place if:

      • your dog is growling, barking, lunging, snapping at people and/or dogs on walks
      • you're worried that they're going to bite
      • you're tired of advice that doesn't work
      • you've tried corrections and different collars but haven't seen improvement
      • you've hired a trainer and all you've done is work on "obedience" like "heel" or "leave it"
      • you’re anxious about your walk before you even leave the house
      • you've been told to "be more alpha" and have no idea what that even means
      • you are desperate to be able to walk your dog without all the chaos

      You're in the wrong place if:

      • you don't care that your dog is likely chronically stressed - you just want to STOP the bad behaviour immediately
      • you'd rather keep trying all the products on the market that claim to have a quick fix
      • you think you need an in-person trainer to hold the leash and see what happens on a walk 
      • you'd rather train your dog to be "obedient", knowing that obedience has nothing to do with their emotional state
      • you'd rather punish your dog with an aversive collar to suppress the barking and lunging
      • you aren't willing to put in the time and work to build your dog's confidence around triggers

      By the end of the Cranky Canine™ program, you will have: 

      • a clear understanding your your dog and their behaviour,
      • the ability to read your dog's subtle body language and more accurately predict their behaviour
      • the skills to be able to change how your dog feels about their triggers
      • taken a few steps towards peaceful walks with your dog
      • the confidence to keep going with a clear plan in place 

        Candace & "Lucy"

        "I'm actually shocked how much I'm learning given this is virtual. Probably more than a weekly in-person class since it's a great mix of all learning mediums.

        It's so great having the community to ask questions as they come up. I never feel alone!

        I'm sometimes slow to process new info and need to hear and see it multiple times, multiple ways before things sink in.

        I love the hand-holding and validation / clarification, your upbeat, positive, bubbly personality AND your science-based methods."