Focus on these 5 priorities so you can raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted

...and I'll bet they'll surprise you because they're not what you're expecting me to say!

    You've adopted your puppy and what you expected is far from reality. You wonder if you're doing anything right.

    Stop searching for answers online, only to find confusing and conflicting information that doesn't seem to work.

    Prioritise your puppy's training with our 5-part Guide and get some relief and reassurance fast.

    Having a new puppy isn't unlike having a new baby in the home, except this one has really sharp teeth and doesn't wear diapers.

    The biting, the barking, the jumping, the puddles everywhere, the surprise-turds behind the couch, the whining in the crate, the panic when you go to the washroom, the nighttime cries...

    I get it. I've been there and I've helped thousands of dog-guardians just like you to take control of puppyhood and really enjoy the journey.

    You deserve the dog you've always wanted. This is where you need to start: