Want to take your dog from panicked to peaceful when they're home alone? 

I will show you exactly how to help your dog relax when you leave them alone — without gimmicks like stuffed food toys, anxiety wraps, or aversive tools and techniques. 

Doors are closed but you can get on the waitlist and be the first to join the next round! 

Are you starting to feel like a prisoner in your own home?
Is your dog destroying your home and furnishings, causing noise complaints with endless barking, and impossible to crate?
You’ve been suffering alongside your dog long enough — let's talk.

Happy Home Alone™ is an online program for dogs of all ages, suffering from separation-related distress. You have two options to choose from, based on the level of support you feel you need. 

The Happy Home Alone™ program is the only training program you need to help your dog relax while you're out.

  • Learn why nothing you've tried has worked thus far
  • Read your dog's subtle cues and body language so you can better predict their behaviour.
  • Help your dog relax while left alone for short periods of time.
  • Teach your dog that those pre-departure cues are nothing to worry about.
  • Work at your dog's pace and make actual progress that sticks
  • Create flexible routines to create an adaptable dog.
  • Stop with the gimmicks and simply resolve your dog’s Separation Anxiety
  • Get your life and freedom back. 

Take it from a few of our students: 

Farrah & "Baxter"

Caryn's gentle and wise approach to providing practical advice and support in training our puppy has been invaluable. She's always in your corner championing your successes as well as comforting your difficulties. We cannot express how genuinely lovely the experience she has crafted has been for her clients. Her support has been nothing short of spectacular.

Reena & "Shadow"

Taking the Happy Home Alone program is the first time that I actually felt hopeful that my dog and I may one day resolve our separation anxiety issues. Caryn gave us a solid foundation of skills and resources. She was very supportive and her wonderful sense of humour added some laughter to lighten up the stress of trying to deal with this issue. 

Carolyn & "Skye"

Caryn answered every. single. one. of my questions thoroughly and without judgement. I'm not sure I've ever felt that supported in an online class, or had that much direct access to the instructor. I loved it.

Jill & "Matilda"

I really appreciated the science-based approach to understanding our dogs' emotional responses. I also appreciated how much space and resources were given to individualize the program instead of giving a cookie cutter approach.

You're in the right place if:

  • your dog is showing signs of distress when left alone at home
  • you're getting complaints from neighbours about barking and howling
  • you're tired of repairing the destruction you come home to
  • you've tried so many of the products on the market geared towards this behaviour challenge but haven't seen a change
  • you've hired a trainer and all you've done is work on "obedience" like mat-work or "stay"
  • you’re as anxious as your dog is when you leave the house
  • you've tried (or are considering trying) aversive tools to stop the behaviour in its tracks
  • you are desperate to get your freedom and life back once and for all

You're in the wrong place if:

  • you don't care that your neighbours can hear the barking and howling
  • you're comfortable repairing the destruction that will continue to happen, day after day without treatment
  • you'd rather keep trying all the products on the market that claim to have a quick fix
  • you think you need an in-person trainer to ...not see the problem that happens when you're not home... 
  • you'd rather train your dog to be "obedient"
  • you'd rather punish your dog with spray or shock collars to prevent the noise
  • you aren't willing to put in the time and work to help your dog truly be comfortable at home, alone

By the end of the Happy Home Alone™ program, you will have: 

  • a clear understanding your your dog and their behaviour,
  • the ability to read your dog's subtle body language and more accurately predict their behaviour
  • the skills to be able to change how your dog feels about being left alone
  • taken a few steps towards your freedom and peace of mind
  • the confidence to keep going with a clear plan in place 

Do you have reservations about virtual training?

Imagine this.

You hire a trainer to work with you and your dog with separation anxiety and they show up at your house. You sit in the living room together and your dog behaves as they normally do. Your trainer gives you some exercises to work on ("come and go for longer periods of time" <= does that sound familiar?) and hands you the invoice and goes home. 

How are they supposed to assess your dog's home-alone issues when they're sitting in the living room with your dog? 

You could walk out the door together...and then what? Listen to the cries from the other side of the door? 

That's not helpful - we all know what that sounds like and it's crummy! 

Or maybe your trainer gives you a training plan that includes stuffed Kongs, using a crate to prevent damage to the front door, and some "leadership exercises" like "go to mat", "lie down", and "stay". 

Well...that's old hat. We don't do that anymore. None of those things are helpful, nor will they address the root of the problem... ANXIETY. 

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSATs) are trained by the world-renowned Separation Anxiety "Queen", Malena Demartini. We are trained to understand this clinical panic disorder at a molecular level and trained to modify it using science-based techniques and a process that protects your dog from more stress, injury, and protects your home from damage. A CSAT is the only person you want on your side when you're dealing with home-alone issues. Trust me. 

Listen, I've been doing this a long time and I started out as Malena's client because of my own dog, Parker, and his severe isolation distress. 

I've had noise complaints, eviction notices, thousands of dollars in damage, and all the heartache that comes with the territory. 

I've also hired trainers who gave all the same information; none that worked, and much that caused more damage. 

My job is to save you time and money going down the wrong path. My job is to provide you with science-based information vs. pseudo-science, and to help you succeed.

When you join Happy Home Alone™ in any capacity, you get the support you need.

Stop with the gimmicks.

Resolve your dog's separation anxiety with me so you can get your life back. 

I hate it when you're right, Caryn.


Sarah & "Soma"

I completed the Happy Home Alone course and I am so happy I did! I was at a loss and not sure what to try with our pup next. What attracted to me to the program is that the philosophy actually made sense to me, not to mention it is a kinder way to train our dogs from separation anxiety disorder.

I really like that I had a partner and guide every step of the way in Caryn. It's so comforting to take the guesswork out of it and leave it to the pro's advice!

Being part of the community was terrific too; we supported each other, shared our stories and learned from one another. I saw immediate results in our pup Soma; it's such a relief finding a program that actually bears results.

Caryn has such a huge wealth of knowledge; she is also a realistic trainer, and even in a group setting, she is very hands-on with each owner and their pet.

Whether you have a dog that is already suffering from separation anxiety or if you have just brought a new puppy home, I would highly recommend this course as it sets the foundation for both your freedom and your dog's happiness :)