Are you starting to feel like a prisoner in your own home?

Is your dog destroying your home and furnishings, causing noise complaints with endless barking, and impossible to crate?

Separation anxiety may be a complex beast that tests your patience (and your neighbours'!) and denies you your freedom, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Let me help you get your dog from panicked to peaceful when they’re home alone.

The Happy Home Alone™ program is the most comprehensive online program for people whose dogs are suffering from home-alone distress.

I will show you exactly how to help your dog relax when you leave them alone — without gimmicks like stuffed food toys, anxiety wraps, or aversive tools and techniques.

Happy Home Alone™ can help. Join the waitlist now.

Happy Home Alone™ is a guided online program for dogs of all ages, suffering from separation-related distress.

The program runs for 6 weeks and is taught through video, worksheets, and daily live support in our discussion group. 

More cost-effective than private lessons and you still get plenty of individual attention so that you can make progress at your dog's pace.