The First Year

Finally, a course that covers it all.

The first year and a half with your puppy will definitely have its challenges, but with this detailed course, you'll be starting out on the right paw. 

Raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted.

Whether you're enrolled in group training or not, you need a simple, easy-to-follow plan that gives you effective strategies, eases your mind, and guides you when you feel overwhelmed.

You might be struggling through potty training, dealing with your land-shark's puppy teeth, exhausted from so many night-wakings, pulling your hair out over crate-training, or just clueless about what exactly socialisation should look like...this course is for you.

"The First Year™" is a spectacular stand-alone program or addition to your current in-person classes.

  • Lay a strong foundation for your puppy that fits your lifestyle.

  • Read your puppy's cues and body language so you can better predict their behaviour.

  • Help your puppy relax while left alone for short periods of time.

  • Teach your puppy to bite YOU less and their toys more.

  • Learn how to properly socialise a puppy without overwhelming them.

  • Create flexible routines to create an adaptable dog.

  • Confidently tackle problem behaviours with a clear plan.

  • Prevent behaviour challenges like aggression, resource guarding, and separation anxiety.

  • Prepare for adolescence and don't lose your cool!

Take it from a few of our students: 

Chelsea & "Harlow"

Caryn has been amazing in so many ways - she is insanely knowledgeable, she and her team are organized and quick to respond, and her warm personality and sense of humour shine through even in an online format.

Although I haven't worked with Caryn in person (due to Covid), I always look forward to the Membership Q&A's, where we not only get all our questions answered, but also feel a sense of community.

Caryn goes above and beyond her duties and always makes you (and your dog!!!) feel valued.

The online trainings, workshops, and forums have all been a huge help while I embarked on raising my first puppy.

I am *so* glad Caryn was recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone else!

Celine & "Luna"

The TCCE is AWESOME! I HIGHLY recommend them if you want to get your puppy started off on the right foot (or paw)! My puppy (and I) learned so much from TCCE.

Now that she's getting a bit older, we're noticing just how much of a positive impact  their positive reinforcement ways have had on us as a family!

She has her days, but she's honestly so well behaved (for her age) and she respects us a lot!

A BIG THANK YOU to Caryn!!! You are amazing!!!!

Dahlia & "Finnegan"

We signed Finnegan up for socialisation classes at TCCE and then the pandemic hit so we didn't get to attend a single in-person (or in-dog, I should say) class.

But all was not lost. Caryn has assembled the most AMAZING online resources that address everything we need and more. 

I have so many examples of how Caryn has helped us (without even knowing it) but here is one: "happy talk." We live right downtown and happy talked our little guy through garbage trucks, motorcycles, construction sites, fire engines, ambulances and all kinds of other mayhem. He is a confident big city little dog now.

Caryn knows dogs but she also knows people. That's her magic.

Susan & "Neil"

We were nervous new puppy guardians...wanting to do the right things to take care of our Bedlington Terrier, Neil and wanting to teach him to be a happy member of our family.

We needed support and in these times of Covid were uncertain how we could get this support. 

Enter Caryn and TCCE. We were referred to her by a friend, a dog walker, and also our Vet.

We loved the website and all the info available. And the online support was very valuable...we felt truly supported in a style that was gentle and loving as opposed to dominating.

The Membership Q&A's are great, we had our questions answered it felt very "in-person".

TCCE was a great help for our family. We had questions and got answers from a trusted and reliable source.

"The First Year™" gives you: 

  • a clear understanding of your puppy and their behaviour,
  • the ability to read your dog's subtle body language and more accurately predict their behaviour
  • a glimpse into the future, allowing you to prevent typical behaviour challenges
  • strategies to stop unwanted behaviours and replace them with ones that don't involve those little shark-teeth
  • key training concepts to build excellent habits
  • the confidence to keep going with a clear plan in place 
  • an exclusive invitation to our Membership where you can have access to access to a qualified, educated, certified Trainer who is here to support you

Do you have reservations about online learning for puppies?

I can imagine what you're thinking. You're thinking that you need a private trainer to come to your house to observe your puppy and the way you and your family are interacting with them.

I hear you. I truly do.

Now, hear me.

I've been doing this a long time and I have trained thousands of puppies. I have done in-home training, in-school training, small groups, large groups, online group coaching, online 1:1 coaching, I've trained veterinarians, trainers, vet techs, dog walkers and boarders, shelter staff, and rescues/fosters.

I've seen it all. 

One of my super-skills is listening to people, not just dogs. I know what you're facing. 

I also know what it's like to adopt a puppy and feel like I'm in over my head and feeling anxious about it, myself!

I know that you are being inundated with advice from many different sources and maybe you're struggling to figure out what is going to work and what is going to backfire.

My job is to save you time hunting and pecking for bits and pieces of information that may or may not work, to provide you with science-based information vs. pseudo-science, and to help you succeed.

When you join "The First Year™", you get the roadmap you need.

Even if you're already enrolled in group classes, playdates, private training, or watching 3 hours of YouTube videos each night...this course is going to give you what you can't get elsewhere.

We have a membership that you can join when doors reopen this month (May 2023) and seriously. This membership is drool-worthy.

Let me help you raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted.

You're right. Get me on the wait list.

Karen & "ChiChi & Poppy"

I have taken two puppies to TCCE - they were very different and both got what they needed to get a good start in life.

It is rare to find trainers who have such respect for a dog that they take the time and apply their expertise to see what particular dogs need to do to express themselves and build their relationships.

I have also gotten very realistic and useful help in dealing with a troubled dog and I am very grateful for the compassion and care we received.

I really recommend TCCE.